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Principles for Collaboration: Ormiston Academies Trust

OAT is evolving and part of that process is to consider the vision and values the organisation has and how these values are communicated throughout the academies and within the communities in which they serve. The overall vision of the Ormiston Trust guides that of Ormiston Academies Trust. We believe that this vision binds our collective undertaking and demands as a condition of OAT membership that each academy accepts intervention from OAT and fellow academies when weak and contributes to the health of our whole family when strong. Our work is about delivering the highest quality outcomes for all. It justifies all aspects of the newly launched OAT Learning initiative and our commitment to joint networking. OAT and its constituent academies will together:

  • Have a unity of purpose with shared values and an enthusiasm for learning for all
  • Develop and sustain a network of inspirational, high achieving centres of learning through a collective commitment to professional generosity that systematically shares and develops practice
  • Engage strongly with local communities
  • Guarantee outcomes for all of the highest quality